Introducing our crepe de chine scarves

03 November 2014

Crepe de chine is a classic silk fabric traditionally worn by the Victorians during mourning. We looked to 20th century pilots for our styling inspiration for the scarves. Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, the inspiration behind one of our scarf prints and she always wore a silk scarf.

Amelia standing next to her plane

Silk scarves for men were popularised by pilots in both world wars, the scarves would keep them warm and protect their neck from chafing as they scanned the skies for enemy planes.

World War Two pilots being briefed for a mission

We are doing two classic styles for the crepe de chine scarves: a 100cm x100cm silk square and a very wearable 22cm x 190cm rectilinear scarf. Most fabric printers in the UK will offer printing onto some sort of crepe de chine so this gave us a really nice amount of choice. In the end we opted for a specialist silk printer based in Worcestershire. The crepe we are using can be defined by it’s wonderful smooth texture and luxurious weight. The level of detail that can be achieved printing onto it is also truly incredible. During our sampling process we looked at a lot of different fabrics and printed onto several different weights of crepe to test what looks best, it was an arduous process but we’re over the moon with the results: