Introducing our silk chiffon scarves (for men?)

03 November 2014

Silk Chiffon is the second type of silk we’ll be printing on for the upcoming Terres Inconnues collection, and oh what a lovely fabric it is. Chiffon is a sheer and slightly see-through fabric, as a result it’s impossible to tell which side of the fabric was printed because the ink runs through to the other side perfectly! We selected a chiffon that is incredibly light and delicate to the touch, I showed one to a friend but she was scared to handle it because she thought she might rip it! Despite its delicate feel it’s actually very tough. As part of our product testing we put the scarves through quite a lot of wear and tear to make sure they’re not too flimsy.

Something that we are really keen to push with this collection is silk scarves for men. The silk square is a womens’ wardrobe classic and needs no introduction for most ladies. However the wearing of silk by men seems to be limited to the immaculately styled dandy, not a look to which all men aspire. For too long the EFFORTLESS PANACHE and RECKLESS COURAGE that accompanies a silk scarf has been denied to 21st century men.

In order to make the silk chiffon scarves more wearable for men we started by increasing the size of the scarves to 120cm x 120cm, a generous portion of silk indeed. These extra centimetres make the scarves extremely wearable, the increased length looks great on mens’ bodies and feels less dandyish than smaller silk squares. The see-through nature of silk chiffon softens the prints and makes them easy to combine with almost any jacket or coat. Of course the scarves still look great on women too.

The modern working man doesn’t have time to faff about tying a knot in his scarf or carefully folding a neat pocket square, that’s why we recommend simply folding the scarf in half into a triangle and chucking it on under a coat or jacket, like so:

Ready to infiltrate the Russian embassy and drink a lot of Gin and tonic.