Wool scarves

03 November 2014

Introducing our third and final scarf fabric to be released in the Terres Inconnues collection: a smooth, smart, soft, warm wool twill! This is the most expensive fabric that we print on. The twill weave shows through the print giving the scarves a beautiful texture and natural look which we love, it also smells really nice!


Our choice of this fabric was inspired by the tales of two polar explorers: Shackleton and Nansen. Shackleton’s expedition to the Antarctic quickly went awry when he and his crew were trapped on an ice floe for over a year. With 5 crew members Shackleton then set out on what would be remembered as one of the greatest feats of survival in history, sailing stormy seas in a makeshift boat and conquering hitherto unexplored mountain ranges to reach aid. Shackleton was remembered by crew members for his inspiring leadership and unbending will.


The Norwegian Nansen was no less indomitable a character: zoologist, politician and polar explorer he was a true hero in his home country. Before Shackleton went South Nansen went North setting a record latitude in 1893 on skis before being forced to turn back. He survived two winters on the ice with one companion, fighting off polar bears and celebrating Christmas by washing their underpants and wearing them inside out!


Inspirational men not only for their polar exploits but also their staunch characters. We retell their stories in our printed wool scarves, adorned with portraits, arctic scenery, flora and fauna. The scarves are left with frayed edges for a more robust atmosphere and come in two sizes: large and extremely large! The Nansen design is also being released in a duffel bag. Available November.