Duffel bags!

28 November 2014

We are pleased to finally announce the arrival of Travail en Famille printed duffel bags! The process of developing these bags from beginning to end has been a truly epic journey. This is where we started last January:

And this is where we are now:

It wasn't easy! Numerous fabrics had to be tried and tested before we discovered the beautiful polyester canvas that you can see here. The fabric has a light grain that adds texture whilst also printing absolutely fantastically. Not to mention it's really tough, perfect for a bag. Getting the details right was also really important, from the internal printed pockets to the 11-month metal tag saga (don't ask!) we've worked really hard to develop what we think is a super special item.


We've made the duffel bags as large as possible whilst still keeping them practical for everyday use. They can comfortably fit laptops and are a fitting size for a weekend away!


These bags are statement pieces with fantastic stories behind them, as such we don't think many of them should exist, every design has been produced in highly limited quantities. We think this makes them that little bit more special and personal.