Notre Jardin coming soon

11 March 2015

Snowdrops have arrived, Spring starts in 9 days, we think that makes it time to announce our new collection: Notre jardin

The collection is inspired by gardens and the title is a reference to Voltaire's novella Candide, which concludes: 'Il faut cultiver notre jardin.' (we must grow our garden). This is a perfect summary of our philosophy at Travail en Famille, to quietly grow our own garden in the way we deem fit (both metaphorically and literally!)

We'll be offering a whole new range of printed silk scarves and bags as well as new products which we'll post about soon. As before each print tells a story, you'd be amazed at the things that have happened in gardens!

Everything is once again Made in Britain out of the finest fabrics and in the best factories. We can't wait.