Yannick and his duffel bag

20 April 2015

We got a chance to catch up with male supermodel Yannick and his Songlines duffel bag:

Where have you been with your TEF bag so far?
The TEF bag has travelled with me during the whole of London, Paris and Milan fashion weeks. Next to that it has been with me on my travels to Antwerp, Berlin and Seoul.
Fashion week can be pretty intense, did the bag hold up ok? 
I was very surprised with the amount of things it can hold, a model portfolio is a big, weirdly shaped object. But the bag held it very comfortably. Using the strap to hold the bag on my back really helped to comfortably navigate through the city.
Who's your style icon?
Well, according to popsugars.com ‘which is your fashion icon quiz’ it is Rihanna.
If you weren't a model what would you be doing?
I am extremely interested in maps, so I would probably have pursued a career in cartography.

What's your favourite travel experience?

First time going to Japan, learning about the culture and lifestyle. Absolutely love it!

Yannick got snapped after the Hermès show with a TEF tote bag