06 November 2018
This print celebrates the diversity of the finny race and the indefatigable ichthyologists of the 19th century who began the process of cataloguing and identifying some of the 300 species of fish swimming around our coast line.


06 November 2018
One Eared Escallops, Spiked Cockles, Whimble Worms, Thorny Wings, False Wentletraps, Onion Peel Atomisas, Tuberculated Sea Ears, Blue rayed Limpets and the Large or Despised Whelk. All are represented here in this print that celebrates the diversity of sea shells found in our coastal waters.

Solvitur Bibendo

14 April 2017

This badge features the herbs used to brew absinthe - green anise, grand wormwood and sweet fennel.

Renowned for the power to bring inspiration and visions absinthe was the drink of choice for experimental artists and writers such as Van Gogh, Rimbaud and Oscar Wilde.

Although the hallucinatory effects of absinthe have long been disproved, it still stands as a symbol of bohemianism and the work mantra 'write drunk, edit sober'.

Loudly declare your love of the hard stuff with this badge.

Tailor's Trousers

14 April 2017
These trousers are made from a deadstock wool fabric that used to live in a Savile Row tailor's. Using deadstock fabrics helps diminish waste and is therefore better for the environment. 
This wool is a lovely, smart fabric with a subtle stripe in a mid weight, and was woven in Britain.
If you would like your trousers finished to a specified length we can do this for no extra charge.


19 October 2016

Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher of the nineteenth century and is considered to be the father of existentialism.

He realised that we could never truly express, or even precisely understand, our own suffering. He knew that others would struggle to truly understand our problems too and as a result he considered the gift of speech an ambivalent one.

In his search for answers Kierkegaard turned to nature and in the lilies and birds found two unlikely tutors. From them he learnt the therapeutic art of remaining silent.

Loudly declare your love of silence with this print of lilies and birds.