Terres Inconnues

Terres Inconnues is our maiden collection, it's been over a year in the making and we're over the moon to be able to finally release it. The collection is formed of bags and scarves made with our original printed fabrics and inspired by travellers. From the gritty tale of survival of Shackleton's months on the ice, to the charming story of Marianne North's botanical expedition to Brazil the collection presents a varied mix of unconventional journeys. 


The designs heavily reference the Victorian language of flowers, which explains the meanings of certain flowers. The language of flowers is steeped with history and symbolism as well as curious oddities (did you know that the Cistus flower means 'I shall die tomorrow'!). Look through the rest of the site to find out what  other flowers we have used and what they mean.


The collection was made entirely in Britain for men and women.