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This print explores the unusual beauty of the herbs used to brew absinthe - green anise, grand wormwood and sweet fennel.

Renowned for the power to bring inspiration and visions absinthe was the drink of choice for experimental artists and writers such as Van Gogh, Rimbaud and Oscar Wilde.

Although the hallucinatory effects of absinthe have long been disproved, it still stands as a symbol of bohemianism and the work mantra 'write drunk, edit sober'.

Loudly declare your love of the hard stuff with this print.


Absinthe Tote

Tote Bag
Absinthe Tote Absinthe Tote

This durable and spacious tote bag is perfect for everyday use. It will comfortably fit a laptop and more and has a useful printed interior pocket. With a polyester outer shell and denim lining this is much tougher than your usual tote bag, it will last through years of use and can be machine washed! It's not waterproof but will keep your stuff dry unless you stand in the middle of a monsoon for an extended period of time!

The print is a collage of the herbs used to brew absinthe: green anise, grand wormwood and sweet fennel.

  • 100% polyester outer shell 100% cotton denim lining
  • Printed interior pocket
  • Machine washable



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Absinthe Tote

Tote Bag — £29

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