The Story

Rust, smut, mildew and mould - this cushion is a celebration of all things fungus. From the tiny mycorrhiza that allow forests to thrive to the mould that devours our old lemons, fungi are everywhere.

And when we say everywhere we mean everywhere - this series of cushions is a tribute to the distinctive yellow mushrooms of Leucocoprinus birnbaumii, a common household fungus known to inhabit the soil of our houseplants. 


Fungi 4

Organic Hemp Cushion
Fungi 4 Fungi 4 Fungi 4 Fungi 4 Fungi 4 Fungi 4
  • The illustrations on this cushion feature the mushroom, Leucocoprinus birnbaumii, and microscopic images of bread mould, fungi hyphae and asci cells
  • Appliqué organic cotton velvet mushroom detail and cotton fringing
  • Hand made in England from GOTS organic hemp & cotton blend fabric
  • Backed with linen
  • Cold wash
  • Feather cushion (but we can supply you with a polyester one if you prefer)



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