The Story

From colonisers of carparks to infiltrators of lawns this collection is a celebration of those weedy wonders which bring life and diversity to otherwise barren places. Not only are many weeds fantastic pioneers of extremely challenging environments such as the cracks in a pavement or a baking hot motorway verge but many of them are also extremely valuable sources of pollen and nectar to insects.

The common dandelion is a fantastic source of nectar and pollen for bees, on top of that all of the plant from flower to root is edible, it has even been called a superfood!





Meadow Scarf

Wool scarf
Meadow Scarf Meadow Scarf Meadow Scarf Meadow Scarf
  • 100% wool twill
  • Handmade in Hastings
  • 180cm x 30cm
  • Dry clean only



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