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Kierkegaard was a Danish philosopher of the nineteenth century and is considered to be the father of existentialism.

He realised that we could never truly express, or even precisely understand, our own suffering. He knew that others would struggle to truly understand our problems too and as a result he considered the gift of speech an ambivalent one.

In his search for answers Kierkegaard turned to nature and in the lilies and birds found two unlikely tutors. From them he learnt the therapeutic art of remaining silent.

Loudly declare your love of silence with this print of lilies and birds.


The Stoic Shirt

Cotton Drill Shirt
The Stoic Shirt The Stoic Shirt The Stoic Shirt The Stoic Shirt

The Stoic Shirt is made of hardy and soft cotton drill. The print is a collage of hops with L for Lily and B for Bird on the back.

This cotton fabric acts like a jean fabric and will fade over time. Some dye will run when the shirt is washed, it needs to be handwashed in a plastic tub as the dye can stain a sink or bath and then flat dried, or it can simply be dry cleaned to maintain the colour.

  • 100% cotton drill
  • Corozo buttons
  • Made in Britain
  • Hand wash or dry clean



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The Stoic Shirt

Cotton Drill Shirt — £180

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