The Story

Sometimes society can make rather unreasonable demands of us: be successful, be happy, be meaningful! Trying to realise these demands can be stressful and counter-productive. Some of the things society demands of us can be downright ludicrous; be skinny, be young, have a tastefully curated wardrobe!

It may seem counter-intuitive but accepting that things don't always turn out as we would ideally like, and that life can be pretty chaotic, can make us more happy. This way you can spend less time finding the right diet and more time on the important things, like finding the right floral print!

Loudly declare your stoicism with this print containing hops, which represent injustice in the language of flowers.


The Stoic Tee

Silk t-shirt
The Stoic Tee The Stoic Tee The Stoic Tee

The Stoic Tee is a heavyweight silk t-shirt. The print is a collage of hops. 

  • 100% heavyweight silk crepe de chine
  • Button fastened neck 
  • Dry clean only
  • Made in Britain
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